Never Forget How Strong You Are!



Nick Vujicic what an inspiration! Dreams do come true.


Remember, having patience makes others feel the care and love you have for them.

Keep An Open Heart

When someone lies to you, not only does it make it hard for you to trust others, you begin to lose trust in yourself. Can I trust my own judgment? How could I fall for that? Why didn’t I see it coming? When this repeatedly happens, you may start to doubt yourself and fear sets in. Fear! Fear that can stop you from taking a chance on love.

Just because you are honest, sincere and loyal, doesn’t mean you will be treated the same way. Each person has their own agenda which drives their actions. Selfish people will do whatever it takes to get whatever it is they are wanting. When someone shows you who they are, LISTEN.

Don’t become fearful and close your heart to love. Instead keep your eyes open. When someone shows you who they are, listen!! Listen more to their actions, not their words. Listen to your gut instincts and give yourself the same advice you would give your own child, (whether you have one or not).

Instead of closing your heart, become better at seeing clearly. Learn to walk away quickly when someone doesn’t deserve to be in your presence. Don’t become angry, bitter or let fear close your heart. Learn not to waste your time because your time is more precious than anything.



Leave people and places better than you found them.


Don’t ever forget how Amazing you are!


We are never too young to better the lives of others!